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I smashed my screen and can't use the touchscreen. Is there any way to access my data?How to access

How to access your phone if the touchscreen doesn't work but the screen is still visible. If your screen is smashed and you can no longer use the touchscreen on your device, there is a way you can still access things such as pictures or messages using a USB mouse. You'll need a micro USB to female USB cable adapter to make this work. You can buy these at most electrical retailers.

1Plug the male end of the mouse's USB cable into the female end of the adapter.

2Plug the micro USB cable into your phone's USB port.

3You will now be able to use a mouse on your phone. You can follow the same process with a USB keyboard to enter PIN numbers or passwords.

Nothing is visible on the screen If your screen is damaged so that you can no longer see it, you can connect it to your TV as shown below: In order to do this you will need a OTG USB adapter. These can be found in most electrical retailers.

1Connect the micro USB port attached to the OTG adapter to your device.

2Connect a power supply to the OTG adapter. You can use a USB port or USB plug for this.

3Connect the HDMI cable plugged into your TV to your OTG adapter.

4Next turn on your TV and select the channel that the HDMI cable is plugged into. To find the channel, on the TV's remote, look for a button labelled source, video, or input depending on the make of the TV. Select HDMI (there may be more than one) and you will now be able to see your device's screen.

From here you can mimic movements on your device so that they appear on your TV. You can also navigate through apps, change settings and use apps such as the camera. However, there may be a short delay between motions on your device and your TV.


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